IEEE Formatting Guidelines

IEEE citation format is a special reference style that brings its own regulations concerning quotations. Due to this format, every citation number are used within distinctive square brackets. It is important to number all used citations properly. This is the most preferred citation format for research works and numerous academic papers conducted in such fields of science like computer science and familiar technical fields. The Chicago requirements and guidelines form the main basis of the citation format.

IEEE Quote Format: Basics

The main responsibility of the students who format their works in this style is to mark every used quote and further put the numbers into square brackets. You must always remember to provide a complete list of references with a full bibliographical information at the end of your paper, next to equivalent numbers of citations.

Why pay so much attention to a format? Every academic format is aimed at providing readers with exceptional and relevant data and information about the used sources. If you want to get a maximum grade, make sure to present precise numbers of citations and put them in proper order. You simply need to put numbers in square brackets to refer to reference.

IEEE Quotes: Basic Features

The main features of the formatting style are the following:

  • Special quotation marks remain the sources titles;
  • Author’s name must include surname and initials;
  • Book or journal’s title must be written in italics.

Once following a chosen formatting, you will ease it for readers to outline the references at once. Be very attentive to punctuation rules, thus put periods, commas, tags, and colons only where they need to be in the text. Check the latest updates of the formatting style to be always sure of providing the proper citations.

You must put periods after titles and authors of the book, abbreviate months to their first letters for a better convenience, and cite requested page numbers properly. You should outline every source of information you use in your research materials or academic paper. It covers all borrowed quotes and ideas, sayings or other pieces of texts. This will help you to avoid plagiarism. All the citations and their correspondent references are always presented in the exact order they appear in the text.

How to Cite in IEEE Format

All in-text citations must consist of numbers put in square brackets and match certain citations in your reference list placed usually at the end of your completed paper. Every citation and its number need to be placed in the right order. It is preferred to use assigned citations if you refer to already cited sources in the text. It will help you to avoid numerous mistakes. Keep up with a proper punctuation, thus put in-text citations’ numbers into square brackets with space before brackets.

In case your citations are footnotes or nouns, keep up with the proper grammar rules. When your cited book or article has two or more authors, use “et al” afterwards the first author’s name. You cannot put any publication date or the name of the author within your text. In case their names should be mentioned due to a better understanding of a research subject, you may use the mentioned data. It is very important to make sure all the in-text citations and their numbers match perfectly. Once you make a mistake, it would take you a lot of time to remunerate the entire reference list.

How to Write a Paper in IEEE Format

When writing a paper using IEEE page numbers, be aware of the following processes:

  • Reference list formatting;
  • Usage of quotes in the text;
  • Paraphrasing in IEEE.

IEEE Paper Reference Format

When dealing with a reference list, put it at the end of your paper, and assure every citation has a correspondent number. Every citation must appear in the reference list in the same order it appears in the text. This format does not require the usage of alphabetic order.

Usage of Quotes in the Text

It is preferred to use direct quotes to outline the main thesis and argumentation used in the research paper. Students choose whether to put the direct quotes into double quotation marks or to use square brackets together with writing down page numbers. The text may include both long and short quotes. When your quotation is of three or more lines, manage your quote into a separated paragraph for a better reader’s convenience. It is preferred to use margins and small font sizes. Once you wrote down the quotation, give in-text citation put into square brackets. Further, record the page numbers of the quoted material.

Paraphrasing in IEEE

It is important to give a reference even in case you are paraphrasing other people words since you use other author’s conclusions and thoughts. You must put citation numbers after paraphrased the pieces of text. You can also refer to these paraphrased pieces of text in your IEEE references page if the paraphrased text includes an important theory or idea. It helps readers to find the original source of information placed in your research work. You can avoid using any page numbers when dealing with longer books or articles sections.

When to Give Page Numbers

There is a strong need to give page numbers when you put a direct quotation into your completed paper. It will help to amaze your tutor with proper text formatting.

The other cases do not require giving page numbers:

  1. Longer sections’ paraphrasing or summarizing;
  2. Mentioning the entire book or article;
  3. Dealing with one-page long sources.

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