The capstone project is a final writing work for last-year students. This work will help you to summarize your academic knowledge and to demonstrate your expertise in a chosen field of science.

Why is it important? It helps to realize, to revise and to use practically that information that you have learned during educational courses. It will also bring some great experience of working in team, showing your creative thinking and managing your time independently.

The first important step for making your capstone project excellent is choosing an interesting topic. It shall be critical and interesting for nowadays readers. Moreover, it shall also be extremely interesting for you. Working with a theme that you like, will make it easier to keep being active and enthusiastic during several weeks of paper preparation.

How to choose a proper capstone project topic? There can be several variants according to your situation and preferences:

  • Simply choose your favorite topic as a capstone project theme;
  • Find a list of topics chosen by other students previously and decide which one can be a proper choice for your capstone project.
  • Contact reliable writing service like 1CustomPapers to write an excellent capstone project paper for you or to help you in any stage of your project preparation.


The topic you choose shall be closely connected to your main academic subject. For example, if you are studying engineering, choose a theme that is included in your field. However, make list of possible topics wide enough: do not avoid topics about innovative technologies, new researches and discoveries.

Internet will help you a lot, when looking for your excellent topic. Here, we have gathered some interesting popular topics. Perhaps, one of the topics will be great for your capstone project or will inspire you for starting your own theme.

All topics are grouped according to an academic study they are related to.


  • Practices based on evidence.
  • Instructional programs for high-quality services.
  • Shortage of nursing personnel in hospitals and other medical establishments.
  • Innovational tests for medical examinations and diagnostic.
  • Research: how other people see role of a nurse in medicine and society.
  • Most efficient practices for acute health problems.
  • Most effective ways of taking stimulants for ADHD patients.
  • ADHD prophylactic for toddlers and pre-school children.
  • Point-of-care medical examination and testing.
  • Influence of working day duration on quality of nursing service.

Informational Technologies

  • How smart object recognition makes wireless surveillance technologies better.
  • Effective economy models for proper functioning of Information System.
  • Main fact you shall know about informational logistics, data mining and data warehousing.
  • How text and voice recognition systems work.
  • CMSs functions for e-commerce.
  • Regular software quality testing: why it is important.
  • Basic security measures for network, devises and software.
  • Car transportation system and its benefits.
  • Administrating of networks containing confidential data.
  • Main benefits of data mining.
  • Effectiveness of educational internet-based systems for Informational Technology students.
  • Cyber security of internet users.

Computer Science

  • Effective recovery of deleted data.
  • Modern ways of creating software for on-line registration and applications.
  • Systems that work collecting and analyzing information about current or potential clients.
  • Fast way to create a math placement test.
  • Ways of creating convex zipper folders.
  • Systems for online learning with further certification.
  • Stock prediction usage.
  • Open Source WorldNet’s use for visualization.
  • Developing of online surveys.
  • Analysis of different games with Game Algorithm.
  • Creating of an automated report aid.
  • Verification systems for banks.
  • Smartphone interface as an important issue for e-management and online business.


  • Popular brands’ influence on social development.
  • Crisis management: how it works and helps businesses.
  • Share price defining according to an interest rate.
  • Solutions for marketing strategies not being offensive to some members of society.
  • Creating working franchising system.
  • Bankcard or cash: when modern consumers choose different way to pay.
  • Ways to make supplier relationship management beneficial for business.
  • Descent features of business strategy and management according to geographical locations, laws and cultures.
  • Supplier relationship and its influence on business.
  • Analysis of a business strategy in an industry.


  • Ethical thinking: how important it is for accounting.
  • Basic theories of accounting science.
  • Development of most common accounting theories and practices.
  • Sales accounting.
  • Innovative theories and approaches in accounting: latest changes and innovations.
  • Accounting for leases.
  • Income taxes accounting: its importance for business.
  • Role of accounting for applied management.
  • Importance of accounting for proprietorship.
  • Accounting for fixed assets and equipment.


  • Most reasonable practices for modern public relations management.
  • Events that influenced media relations over last decade.
  • Influence of cultural and religion background on management process.
  • Management strategies in conditions of developing economy.
  • Effective ways to avoid conflicts in multinational or multiracial society.
  • Role of cultural differences in building successful management system.
  • Important features of effective environmental supply chain management.
  • E-business as a way of business globalization.
  • Outsourcing management: solution of its critical points.
  • Modernization of HR-management.
  • Ways to avoid conflicts managing large teams.
  • Importance of diversity management for global businesses.


  • Critical points in communication and education for children from different social groups.
  • Practices that make educational process less effective.
  • Ways to recognize and stop plagiarism in college paper writing practice.
  • Motivation for school and college students.
  • Pros and cons of distance learning.
  • Ways to make traditional systems of knowledge testing more efficient.
  • Importance of reducing stress level among students.
  • Implementation of brain-based learning systems in traditional educational processes.
  • Innovative ways to manage a virtual classroom in a proper way.
  • Classroom management as a way to improve students’ social behavior.
  • Most important points of successful bilingual education management.
  • Basic principles of education according to Albert Bandura’s theory.
  • Main principles of effective distance learning.


  • Modern technology for controlling solar energy.
  • Importance of construction schedule control.
  • Role of traffic light detectors for road security.
  • Usage of computer interactive models for evaluating projects.
  • Principles of using adjustable heating systems.
  • On-site construction management.
  • Evaluation of industrial buildings.
  • Main points of contracts for project construction.
  • Quality control for engineering services.
  • Integrated systems, methods and equipment for excavation irrigation.
  • CPM as a measure for better time management and process control in engineering.
  • Interactive system for controlling construction spends.


  • Indicating quality-gaps in online services.
  • Determining habitual behavior of consumers.
  • Gender factor and its influence on buying trends within society and family members.
  • Difference in shopping habits according to geographical location and culture.
  • Analysis of popular marketing strategies that may be offensive to certain groups of society.
  • Working strategies for successful online marketing.
  • Comparison and connection of offline and online sales management.
  • Balance between visual product’s features and its web-presentation.
  • Important principles of global marketing programs.
  • Brand mobile marketing adaptation.

Choose any of above mentioned topics as a theme for your future capstone project. You can combine two or more topics to make your project more interesting and informatively valuable. Be ready to check more topics in internet or to ask for your teacher’s advice while starting your project.
While choosing your topic, it is also very important to think if there is related information available. While developing your writing work you may browse through many papers and books. However, sometimes it is important to meet expert also, to ask their opinion or to make a short surveys for people around you.

Creating your capstone project is not an easy task, but it may easily turn to a valuable and interesting experience.