MLA Formatting For Paper Guidelines

MLA is a formatting style used mostly by the researches who conduct their research works in liberal arts and humanities. MLA represents a set of strict rules and guides the researchers use for their paper’s completing. The eighth edition of the well-known MLA Handbook keeps all the writing guidelines and standards described in details. This 300-page useful manual defines every single aspect of writing an essay in MLA format focusing on providing full information about MLA formatting. It is important to check the latest updated of the manual book to provide only properly written MLA papers. Be aware, the last update of the book was in 2016. You can start your work with MLA formatting checking once reaching its manual or by downloading one of MLA format samples online, where you can find how the MLA paper looks like with all its formatting parts.

Basic MLA Essay Features

MLA format has many requirements every researcher needs to follow in order to submit a perfect final paper with right formatting and important ideas.

Paper, Fond and Title Page

Select a standard white paper. MLA paper does not require a title page. Use 12pt font and choose between the most used fonts like Times New Roman, Ariel or Georgia. Follow your tutor’s additional requirements if available.


MLA format example

MLA Formatting

When dealing with papers written in MLA format, make sure to provide the following formatting details:

  • Choose 1″ margins on all sides of the paper;
  • Chose 1/2″ margins to your name from top;
  • Justify the title at the center, never italicize the title;
  • With MLA citation longer than four lines, use a new paragraph. Remember never to put quotation marks.


Arabic numerals are the most preferred to use in MLA papers. Find among your tutor’s requirements whether he wants to see the first page’s number in your work or not. Mostly, college professors avoid using the number of the first page in the research papers.


The academic papers require using double spacing between the lines throughout the entire paper. You should also put one space after any appeared punctuation mark.


All paragraphs must be written with 1/2” indentation. According to standard requirements, you need to hit TAB after pressing five times the space bar.


MLA format uses captivated headings and titles. It is important to remember never italicize or underline the headings and always center them.


MLA format prefers only works that have no plagiarism, thus make sure to place proper citations. When citing any source of information, always mention the name of the author and the exact page you took information from.


  • Put the reference page at the end of your MLA paper.
  • The page should be titled as “Works Cited”.
  • The reference page is started on a new page.
  • Use double spaces when writing down the citations.

MLA is a distinguishing formatting style used mostly by the researches who conduct their research works in liberal arts and humanities. Since, MLA represents a set of strict rules and guides, which the researchers use for their paper’s completing; it is often difficult to deal with MLA papers. Our expert writers are well aware of the existed MLA standards and can help any researcher to complete their MLA papers excellently. We have already delivered thousands of top-notch academic papers making our clients really satisfied with the complete papers. In case you need our professional assistance, we are always ready to help you with your academic assignments accomplishment.