Writer’s block is a special condition when necessary ideas are not coming easily and you simply do not know how to start writing. Many students claim that this feeling is familiar to them. Unfortunately, even those students who have great writing skills can experience writer’s block from time to time.

Most of writers believe that this condition is natural and writer’s block will disappear after some time without any measures. However, which steps can students take to avoid writer’s block when there are strict deadlines and no time to wait until the block will disappear on its own?

We have gathered some effective steps to be taken when writer’s block is striking.


Firstly, it is necessary to stop being worried or blaming yourself for this condition. Even brilliant authors may feel it from time to time. Panic and extra stress will only make the whole thing worse – better try to relax and balance your mind.
Mostly, writer’s block may appear when you begin your writing or when you start a new chapter. It looks like having a huge gap between your thought and a result you want to see on a paper.
Try some professional advises that may help you to overcome writer’s block and to enjoy fruitful working process.

Take Some Rest

Even if you are not tired physically – you brain may be exhausted. Try to find a proper way to relax your brain. Postpone all activities that require thinking or making decisions, switch your internet devices off and put your books aside. Walk for a while, sleep, exercise or tidy your room – try any activity that will help your brain to relax. Creativity is not endless; you should take some breaks while working mentally.

Free write

Sometimes flow of your thought may be blocked when you think about both following text’s structure and making your writing creative. Try freewriting to overcome this problem. Take paper and a pen and write anything that you think about your topic. Do not care about mistakes, words order or text structure. Write separate sentences, words or phrases that can be used in your text. Later take some rest and read what you wrote, perhaps, you will get a clear idea how to reorganize your writing in a great structured text.


Our movements are important not only for our body but for our thinking as well. Lack of movement makes your blood flow slower and you brain may simply get less nutrition. Some exercises, walking, jogging or dancing will help this condition.

Avoid Noisy Places

The more distractions you have – the worse your concentration works. Try to write in a quiet place where you can keep your attention at your work. If you work with a laptop, download ad-blocking programs that will prevent appearing of eye-catching and sound-supported adverts when you are trying to concentrate.

Write in the Morning

Morning time may be better for writing as you still fresh, full of energy and not tired. Most of people feel more enthusiastic in the morning. If you are one of them, this advice will work perfectly.

Take a Nap

Neurologists say our brain is able to give solution to our problems even when we sleep. Some authors report they have better understanding of what they shall write after a short sleep.

Little Magic

Each profession has some funny rituals that are still working for many people. There is one for writers. Pour a glass with clean drinking water and drink half before going to bed. It is necessary to drink slowly and to think about your writing work. Keep your glass with a half of water until morning. When you wake up – drink rest of the water and start your writing.


Another common problem that may influence your writing activity is a knowledge gap. Unlike many people think, writing skills depend not only on your talent or inspiration but also on your knowledge.

Some useful advices on writing and a detailed plan applicable for any text will help you to overcome your writer’s block and to create wonderful text.


Beginning of your work has nothing to do with the writing itself. Start from gathering valuable knowledge and collecting interesting facts about your topic. Solid knowledge of your theme will give you confidence and inspiration to start your own writing.


Choosing a topic is very important. It shall be not only challenging or interesting for your potential readers but also liked by you. It is necessary to understand or even to have some expertise in a topic you choose for your future writing work.


This part serves to acquaint your readers with your topic and to give a primary understanding of what you are going to write about. Add some interesting data. At the same time, it is better to keep strongest statements for following part of your writing.

The Body Paragraph

Body paragraph is the most informative, interesting and valuable part of any writing. Place all facts in your body paragraph; add some strong statements and all information that may support your main idea.


Conclusion is a summary of facts written before. It is important not only to list facts mentioned in body paragraph but also to make a valuable conclusion based on presented facts.


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