Main aim of any persuasive essay is to prove your opinion and to persuade reader. That is not an easy task that may require a lot of work and time to be solved.

Before starting to write your persuasive essay, you should have clear and grounded opinion about the topic. Your readers will only accept your point of view if it based on facts, logic and proven information. How does a great persuasive essay shall look? Some features define great writing work:

  • Clear logic in each sentence of an essay;
  • Undoubted reasoning (better with references to a primary sources);
  • Confident knowledge of writer expressed with the help of good writing skills.

Writing a great persuasive essay may sound too difficult. However, some knowledge and professional tips will help you to improve your writing skills quickly and to get A+ mark for your essays. Spend some time studying expert advises and get better writing skills that will be useful during all academic years!


Any time you write an essay, start it from making a short plan. The plan shall include main thesis of your future essay. It is needed to keep logical structure of your future essay and not to get lost while writing it. Plan will also allow you including all important facts and evaluating each part of your essay lately.

A short plan is necessary for almost any writing work. However, it is especially needed for persuasive essays, where logical structure may play a very important role.

Here is an approximate structure of a good persuasive essay and clear description of its main elements:

  1. Introductory part – beginning of an essay shall include:
    – hooking question or information that will intrigue and grab attention of a reader;
    – very short and laconic information about what the essay will speak about;
    – strong statement to indicate your position.
  2. Body paragraph – main and the most informative part of your essay may include:
    – main point supported by facts and evidences;
    – clear illustrative examples.
    Writing a body paragraph you can list several proven points illustrated by understandable examples.
  3. Conclusion – the part where you summarize and indicate your final opinion. Normally, conclusion consists of:
    – short summary of the essay with underlining its key facts;
    – importance or benefits that can be taken from above-mentioned information;
    – directions or call-to-action that will guide a reader to certain action or conclusion.

Writing an essay it is important to pay attention at requirements that may differ from university to university. Traditionally, persuasive essays are written in Turabian, MLA, Chicago and APA styles. These styles are widely used for essays in technical discipline and precise sciences.

You can ask your teacher to help you with recognizing writing styles or simply use online or offline guidelines that clearly explain main differences and describe features of popular academic styles.

Pre-writing preparation

Unlike most student think, the writing process itself is the easiest part of creating persuasive essay. Before first word of essay to be written, here is still lots of work to be done. Preparation is an important part for creating great essay and it needs lots of attention, enthusiasm and devoted work.
Check the following stages of preparation – that will help you to build your own effective plan of preparation:

  • Choose an interesting and intriguing topic for your essay if it’s not given by your teacher. The topic shall reflect your expertise, be challenging enough and contain some conflict points leading to different or even opposite opinions about it.
  • Determine your stable attitude and point of view on the topic. Think about it to be wise, logic and grounded.
  • Think about those people that topic may concern. Choose language, terminology and examples that will be most expressive and understandable for your readers. Try to understand different points of view to a chosen topic and decide whether most of your readers will initially support your point of view.
  • Understand minor goals of your persuasive essay. Clearly, main aim of any persuasive essay is to convert readers to your point of view. However, you may also set your personal goals like earning good mark, training writing skills, practicing in influencing your readers, etc.
  • Make detailed research on the topic. Do not limit your knowledge by some facts only. Check some fresh intriguing researches and news connected to your topic. Ask your friends, teachers and family about their attitude to a theme. This will help you to understand which points of the topic may be most exciting.
  • Choose some strong facts to support your idea, check them and find the initial sources.
  • Take time to improve your general writing skills and learn more about advises and requirements that will help you to make your essay better.



Main aim of an introduction part is to introduce your topic to a reader. However, first part of your essay may be more attractive and effective if you use an old trick of writing expert: hooking your readers’ attention. What can attract your readers and make them interested in reading the whole essay:

  • Popular saying or quote;
  • Intriguing or unusual information, rare fact connected to topic
  • Some interesting statistics data
  • Impressive metaphor
  • Joke
  • Bold opinion or statement
  • Comparison or contradiction
  • Challenging question

Interesting non-common facts and figures will easily attract readers. Some intriguing questions are also nice beginning.

If you choose a question to attract your target audience, make sure you will provide a reader with answers further in your essay. However, if your question is rhetorical and serves for grabbing reader’s attention only – there is no need to answer it.

Powerful thesis statement will logically close your introduction and will make it logical, informative and powerful.

Body Paragraph

Reading your body paragraph, your readers will probably want to see strong supportive points of your opinion. Choose several interesting and clear facts that may prove your point of view and help readers to understand your position. To keep the structure easy and logical start a new paragraph for each statement. Do not forget about illustrative explanations and understandable examples, which will help readers to have clearer insight.
Mentioning some contradictory theories or opposite opinions will give more informational value to your writing work. It will also attract your readers and make them feel intrigued. Use one or several comparisons inside your essay to introduce different points of view.


Conclusion of your work is a short and logic summary based on all facts and opinions mentioned in your essay. Writing a conclusion it is important to connect it to thesis written in your introduction paragraph and answer those questions that you could mention in the beginning of your essay. Avoid copying facts from each paragraphs of your work, try to make them serve your final aim and use them to show logical proves of your opinion.
Rhetorical question or a call-to-action sentence may be a good variant to finish your essay and to put a final point to support your opinion. Remember, that main aim of your essay is to persuade your readers, proving your position toward the theme. Make each sentence of conclusion serve your aim.


When you formed a clear idea about your future essay and decided its main points, it is time to start writing. It is always useful to read some examples of similar essays that you can easily find online or ask your teacher for some bright samples.
If reading is your hobby, you may borrow some brilliant ideas of making text interesting from your favorite authors and writers.

Think about words, statements and terminology that will be most useful for your essay and will serve your ideas perfectly.

Do not forget to read and review parts of your essay on each stage of its writing to be sure you keep logical structure and write all essay in the same style and mood.

There are also some special advises applied to each paragraph of your essay:

  • Thesis Statement
    Make sure your thesis is laconic and understandable. While keeping your thesis informative, try to avoid making it too long and complicated. Let it demonstrate your attitude to the topic. However, it is also better to avoid very expressive sayings and statements in order to keep your writing style more neutral.
  • Body Paragraph

Check if each of your statement is supported by clear facts and proofs. Do not hesitate to refer to original sources and mention recognized authors of basic ideas.
Sources that can be mentioned:
– scientific magazines and journals;
– textbook and educational literature;
– fiction books and even novels (for certain topics);
– scientific or educational videos;
– official interviews;
– official reports;
– historical documents.

  • Communicative manner
    Your essay is another way to reach your readers. Be sure that your essay makes readers involved and keep their interest. It is also important to take into consideration possible interests, age, level of knowledge of your target audience and to create general writing mood that will be most comfortable for your readers.
  • Persuasive power
    Best persuasive essays are created to cope with their main task – to prove the author’s main idea and to make other people agree with it. Check your essay in order to know if it serves your main aim and if it sounds logically enough to make your readers share your opinion.
  • Examples
    Use simple and clearly understandable examples instead of complicated ones. Sharing another example, you can make it funny and recognizable to entertain your reader and to grab another portion of your audience’s attention.
  • Use your best skills and talents to improve your writing
    If you are keen in computer, communication, research and critical thinking or you have great writing skills – use it to make your essay more interesting and valuable.

If you still hesitate about writing your essay correctly or simply need more help – ask for some professional assistance. Great online services like 1CustomPapers are always ready to provide you a fine essay written from scratch. It is also possible to ask for some services like edition or professional review if you are looking for an expert evaluation.

Let your essays always bring best marks and teacher’s respect to you!