Writing an essay is a complicated task, which requires lots of work and time. Most of students are ready to spend hours making research, gathering some important information and thinking about fascinating essay plan. However, proofreading and editing is usually taken as less preferable part of work. It leads to terrific results and low marks.

What you shall understand is that checking your essay for possible mistakes is as much important as choosing challenging topic or finding good illustrative examples making your text more interesting. Even minor mistakes may destroy all positive record of your work.

There are several tips that will allow you improving your writing skills and avoiding those common mistakes that most of students make.


Content is what makes any work interesting and valuable. Writing some great content needs a lot of work, great knowledge, grounded research and some writing experience. However, any time, preparing your writing papers, check them for the following mistakes:

  • Not related content. When you have little knowledge on subject, it is easy to lose the main point and understand your chosen theme wrongly. First, be sure that a topic is interesting and familiar to you. Second, try to improve your expertise in the field reading more articles about the topic you work with. Be sure, that statements and facts you use have direct relation to the topic.
  • Incorrect structure. Inexperienced writers often believe that structure does not play any great role. In fact, structure is very important for keeping your writing work understandable and logical. Typical essay structure contains introduction, body paragraph and conclusion. Introduction is an effective way to attract your readers’ attention. Body paragraph’s aim is to inform a reader about an issue, giving facts, statements and explanations. While conclusion is a short summary of a topic.
  • Missed thesis
    Thesis helps to introduce main idea of your writing work and to keep attention of your readers. It is very important to indicate main points of your essay in the beginning of it. It will help readers to understand your way of thinking and to follow your logic. Thesis directly correlate with text’s summary, making the whole essay being critical and informative.


It is important to keep the same style and formatting for the whole text. Make sure you are not making one of most common stylistic mistakes:

  • Repetitive usage of the same words and terms. It is quite difficult to find different words or expressions speaking about the same topic. However, repetitive words make your writing monotonous and heavy to read. Try to use synonyms for those concepts that you often write about. Use different vocabularies or thesaurus to find correct variant of a word.
  • Informal style. Academic writing requires your writing style being formal and neutral. It is necessary to avoid slang words and colloquial saying. In routine life, we often use shorter forms of words, however, these words are often not allowed in academic writing. Although, too formal style with lots of terminology will probably make your reader bored and tired. Try to make your writing easy to read and to understand.
  • Unreadable sentences. Sentence structure is a very important point to pay attention at. Make sure, your sentences are informative and laconic. Make them sound clear. It is better to avoid bulky sentence construction that will simply make your text unreadable. While making your sentences short, be sure, they stay informative and express your knowledge. Most of writing specialist also do not advice using passive voice too often.


Grammar and spelling mistakes are very critical for getting a desirable mark. While most students pay great attention to data research and essay’s plot, they often forget to proofread their writing for minor mistakes like grammar, punctuation or spelling. Unfortunately, even a single misprinting may lower your mark and spoil positive impression of your informative and interesting essay. That is why, it is especially important to avoid these types of mistakes. Check your writing again and make sure you haven’t made any of these common mistakes:

  • No comma after introductory phrase;
  • No agreement between verb and subject;
  • No comma before coordinating conjunction in complex sentence;
  • Interrupters without commas;
  • Uncompleted sentences.

These are only several mistakes that can be found in students’ works. Be sure, you proofread your essay several times with great attention to its grammar, spelling and punctuation.

We have gathered most common mistakes, avoiding which you will make your writing more valuable and higher appreciated. Be ready to learn more about grammar, punctuation and stylistic to raise your writing skills to a new level. Having more knowledge and experience, you will learn to write great essays and other types of academic words.

While following expert advice, try to find balance between light informal style and formal text with plenty of scientific explanation and terminology. It is very important not only to make your writing scientifically informative but also to make it readable and interesting. If you are still in the process of improving your writing skills, but want to get A+ mark – you can apply to some professional services like 1CustomPapers. There you can order a ready writing work or ask for an expert help and editing if necessary.